Industry Recognised Digital Media Course

Nortwest college in partnership with Institute of Applied Technology introduces its 1-year course in Diploma of Digital Media. Course runs for 8 months (4 terms) and delivers Digital Media Certification for people who want to become super savvy in online marketing, social media, video & photo production and website development. Our program was designed to provide you with the best combination of theory and real-world experience. The number of seats is limited to 20 per term only, so  do not hesitate and enrol today!

What do you get?

There are four parts of our course. Each term is 9 weeks and to get your Certified Digital Media Diploma you have to pass all four terms, however, you can choose which terms you want to enrol to:

  • Term 1 (9 weeks) – Social Media Course (starts on the 13th of February)
  • Term 2 (9 weeks) – Online Marketing
  • Term 3 (9 weeks) – Video & Photo Production
  • Term 4 (9 weeks) – WordPress Website Development

In the first term we will talk about Social Networks for Commerce, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat and others. You will get hands-on experience by creating your own Facebook page for a real business, using Twitter to promote your services and product, learn how to reach business partners on LinkedIn and many more. Our basic social media course shows you the real power of marketing using of the social media campaigns. It also teaches you how to set up and optimise Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. By the end of the course, students will know how to target an appropriate audience, build a good conversion rate and measure the results through analytics and other tools.

Course Details
InfoCertified, Non-acredited
Length9 weeks, 4-hour lectures
DaysSaturdays at 10:30am
FeeFrom AU$1000 per term

This course helps students to identify opportunities which are offered by using Social Networks in real world business and marketing Communication. Students will use the latest trends in practical examples using industry standards. This program is not accredited and can be combined with any of our other courses. Participants have access to fully equipped practice labs and trainer’s support.

In today’s world of fast developing trends, utilising new ways of communication and marketing is often a problem for most businesses. Learning the power of Social Media and Digital Marketing can help business to experiment with new resources that can be extremely successful in meeting marketing objectives. Our social media course explores the next generation of strategies in marketing, planning and tactics, which is made possible by utilising the latest social media tools and technologies.

Upon successful completion, participants are able to think critically, creatively and independently on how to use the latest technologies in communication services and evaluate new media opportunities. They will also experience hands-on real world business cases and create online presence and marketing strategy for their business or businesses they work now.
This course is recommended for anyone studying on Nortwest college and planning or running a small to medium-size business who wants to learn the magic of social media and get the latest tips, tricks, techniques and strategies while using current technologies with the theory of possible future technologies.
This course is delivered at Nortwest college’s Sydney campus.
Basic IT knowledge is required: participants should know how to use a personal computer (PC) and a smartphone.
Complete year package – 4 terms (12 months): AU$4000
Single course – 1 term (3 months): AU$1500

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