StageClient Management
Client Management
  • Recruitment
  • Application and Letter of Offer
  • Payment and Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Student Visa Application and Grant
  • Pre-Departure Briefing
2. After arriving in Australia
  • Reception in Australia
  • Admission and Orientation
  • Course Begins
    • Student withdraws
    • Student continues
3. After completing course
  • Graduation
  • Post-Graduation
Type of recruitmentFeatures
ExhibitionsThe institution is represented and applications are processed through an agency. If the institution is present, application fees are usually ‘waived’ (that is, the application fee does not need to be paid).
InterviewsA representative from the institution holds interview sessions at an agent’s office. Application fees are often waived in this situation.
Walk-InA student visits your agency through either an advertising campaign or word of mouth referral.
Links / AlliancesSometimes an overseas institution has an agreement (eg. articulation, twinning or study abroad) with an Australian or overseas institution. In this situation a particular agency may be promoted as the preferred application route.
Reply to applicationDetails
A Rejection letterIndicates the student does not meet entry requirements for that program at that specific institution.
A Conditional Offer letterIs a request for additional information.
For example, the offer may be conditional on the student providing certified copies of their documents or conditional on undertaking further English language training. You would need to contact the student to supply the additional information required. Once the conditions are fulfilled the student would receive a Full Offer letter.
A Full Offer letterIndicates a student is eligible for direct entry into that institutions program.
A Package Offer letter (a version of a Full Offer letter)is a full offer to a program with an additional conditional offer into another program.
For example, a Foundation Package Offer is a Full Offer into a Foundation Program plus a conditional offer into an undergraduate program. The letter would explain that if a student successfully fulfilled certain conditions during their Foundation Program they would then be given direct entry into a degree program.