Before you start with studies, you have to go through a compulsory student orientation. Part of this orientation is to provide us with necessary information. This includes your USI number, address and contact information. You are also required to provide us with emergency contact details – Australian and overseas. In this section you will find college prices, fees and other charges and all the information you need about terms and conditions of your college, please read everything carefully.

Forms & Downloads

We have gathered all the forms and downloads you will need during your studies with us in one place. In the forms section, we have an electronic form that you can use for any situation. In the downloads section you will find the Student Handbook, Australian government legislation, our Academic Calendar, City of Sydney Guide and other useful information for International students. We hope you find the information useful.


Application fee*Payable once at time of applicationAU$200
IT Resources, Services & Licensing fees*Per termAU$200
RPL/Course credit Application fee (EXTERNAL)*Payable at the time of applicationAU$200
RPL – Unit of competency assessment*Per unitAU$250
Course CreditNo chargeAU$0
Course change fee or deferral (change of COE required)*Per itemAU$200
Class change (session time)*Per itemAU$25
Campus changePer itemAU$25
Special Leave ApplicationPer itemAU$25 + tuition fees
Application from a course withdrawal fee*Per courseAU$25
Attendance letter (re-issue)*Per itemAU$25
Student ID (re-issue)*Per itemAU$25
Interim Academic Transcript (re-issue)*Per itemAU$75
Duplicate of qualificatiom,academic transcript, completion and attendance letters*AllAU$200
Duplicate of qualificatiom,academic transcript, completion and attendance letters*Per itemAU$75
Intervention strategy fee*Per interventionAU$150
Re-assessment Fees*Per TaskRefer to re-assessment fees table
Payment plan*Per invoiceAU$25 + tuition fees
Late payment fee*Per invoiceAU$200
Copy/Printing/Scanning*B&W – Per pageAU$0.20
Copy/Printing/Scanning*Colour – per pageAU$0.50
USI applicationNo chargeAU$0
*Non-refundable fees


TimeframeAssessment task is NS (Not-satisfactory)Assessment task is DNS (Did not submit)Assessment task is F (Failed)
During the current term$50 per task$50 per task$200 per task
Break after the current term$50 per task$100 per task$200 per task
Previous Term$100 per task$200 per task$200 per task
2 Previous TermsRepeat the whole unit at $500 per unit + $200 Administration feeRepeat the whole unit at $500 per unit + $200 Administration feeRepeat the whole unit at $500 per unit + $200 Administration fee
Intervention program$150 per program

If you pay and you do not submit your reassessment by the agreed date, reassessment fees will be charged again

NS – If you received a NS for a serious attempt, serious attempt means that you tried to complete the assessment and missed a few points, contact the student support and you may be given a chance to resubmit free of charge.
F – If you submitted a plagiarized attempt , reassessment fee applies immediately.
DNS – If you did not submit the assessment by the deadline reassessment fee applies.

For compassionate or compelling circumstances contact the student support, evidence will be required.