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Student Visa Requirements

  • Genuine intention to study in Australia
    • A prospective student must provide evidence that they are a ‘genuine applicant’.
    • An applicant must satisfy the requirement that they are genuinely seeking to enter and stay in Australia for the purposes of study.
    • An applicant may be required to attend an interview as part of the assessment of this criteria.
  • Financial Requirements
    • An applicant must declare in the application that they will have access to funds to cover their tuition fees and living costs while in Australia.
    • Applicants from AL2 and AL3 will be required to show evidence of funds to cover tuition, travel and living costs.
    • Financial requirements for ALL family members are assessed regardless of whether they are traveling to Australia or not.
  • English Proficiency Requirements
    • To ensure students have the best chance of succeeding in their studies, applicants are required to demonstrate that they have the appropriate English language proficiency for their course.
    • Assessment Level 1 & 2 applicants must provide evidence of meeting the English language proficiency requirements as per Nortwest college guidelines.
    • Assessment Level 3 applicants must provide evidence of having their English language proficiency assessed through any Department of Immigration gazetted official forms of testing.
  • Health Requirements
    • All applicants for a visa to Australia must meet health requirements. Further information can be found here.
    • All costs related to the medical examination are applicant’s responsibility. If you undertake a medical examination and your application is not approved you will not be eligible for a refund of any costs you may have incurred.
  • Character Requirements
    • All applicants for a visa to Australia must be assessed against the character requirements. Further information on character and police check requirements can be found here.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
    • OSHC is insurance that assists international students to meet the costs of medical and hospital care that they may need while in Australia. OSHC also covers limited benefits for pharmaceuticals and ambulance services.
    • Students must provide evidence of cover for themselves and any accompanying dependants for the proposed duration of their Student visa in order to be granted a visa.

What you need:

  • Complete the enrolment form
  • Copy of your passport – personal details page
  • Copy of visa page from your passport (if applicable)
  • Certified copies of highest achieved education (see relevant course for academic requirements)
  • Certificate of your English proficiency (see relevant course for English level requirements)
  • Proof of payment of enrolment fees