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General English is recommended as the first step in language learning for those just starting out with English. General English course focuses on teaching you the language skills required in your everyday life. The classes integrate reading, writing, listening and speaking activities to develop your skills rapidly.

This course is designed for candidates over 18 years old. The methodology and content are directed to adults from different backgrounds who are willing to improve their English as a second language knowledge and proficiency for General or Academic purposes. This includes the notion that language learning is a conscious process, and that learning, and acquisition of language can arise from interaction both with others and with materials.

Experiences from current practice suggest that while current age group is in their twenties, though we welcome all prospective learners to enrol with us who are aged 18 years and over. We will also welcome all learners of all adult ages, including retirees. We also take care of people, who requires additional assistance or require special needs.

 Duration and length of the course may vary from student to student. The course is open for people who want to study for 1 week or 50 weeks (not including holidays) or anything in between, though given the nature of the level, 5 weeks of the course is highly recommended. There could be strong possibility where student could spend more time in General English level, before they move to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) level or into VET course.

Prerequisite requirements

There are no prerequisite requirements for individual units of competency.

Course availability: Sydney CBD

Duration: Upto 58 weeks total duration 

Delivery Mode: Face to Face and Online

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This is a sample course only.

Lower Intermediate
Upper –Intermediate
There is no direct link between this qualification and licensing, legislative and/or regulatory requirements. However, where required, a unit of competency will specify relevant licensing, legislative and/or regulatory requirements that impact on the unit.
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