Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC)

RPL & RCC is an assessment process that allows for recognition of competencies currently held, regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred. RPL assesses the individual’s prior learning to determine the extent to which that individual is currently competent against the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards for entry to, and/or partial or total completion of a qualification.

Knowledge and skills may have been acquired by:

  • Previous study (including courses at school or college, through adult education classes or training programs at work)
  • Work experience (including both work that is paid and unpaid) and
  • Life experience (for example leisure pursuits or voluntary work)

How to apply for RPL?

  1.  Please download and read the RPL Application Guide.
  2.  Make sure you have all the necessary evidence for your RPL.
  3.  Please download and fill out the RPL/Credit Transfer Application form and email it together with all supportive documents and all fees to [email protected]. Please attach all requested documents to avoid delays in processing your RPL application.

Gathering Evidence

A candidate must provide appropriate evidence to demonstrate that they are currently competent against the performance criteria and critical aspects of evidence. The more recent evidence, the more value it has as an indication of current competence. Evidence must be in English and must be signed and dated by a third party who can authenticate the original documents. All of the evidence will be checked by an assessor for authenticity, requirements and check that the document is not outdated.

  • qualifications or formal statements of results
  • documents which you have produced as a result of your work activities
  • reports which you have prepared or to which you have had substantial input
  • minutes of meetings (which contain information on your participation and performance in specific activities)
  • performance appraisal reports
  • letters of appreciation from clients/consumers
  • references from current or previous employers
  • workplace awards
  • position descriptions
  • reflective statements which you will prepare to describe your work activities and practices, processes which you follow and situations which you have encountered.

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